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September 3, 2017: First in Toledo! Now You Can Rent a TV Set

There are fourteen more ads today, all from April 1949 editions of The Blade. There are three additions to the Channel 13 gallery, all Peach Section ads for Chevrolet on Broadway. a Monday, 4/11/49 ad for "The Twelve Pound Look" with Maragret Sullavan and Ralph Forbes, a Monday, 4/18/49 ad for "Everybody Loves My Baby" with Jane Withers, and a Monday, 4/25/49 ad for "Tommy Malone Comes Home" with James Dunn. There are three additions to the Radio Station Ads gallery, too. The first one is a Friday, 4/15/49 ad for for What's My Name? with Arlene Francis, sponsored by The Ohio Fuel Gas Company. on WTOL-AM, followed by two Sunday, 4/24/49 Features Section ads, a WJR-AM ad for Helen Hayes in "Manhattan Proposal" on The Electric Theatre, sponsored by Toledo Edison, and another WTOL-AM ad, for Bette Davis and Kirk Douglas in "Alien Corn" on Theatre Guild on the Air, sponsored by United States Steel, on WTOL-AM. The other eight ads are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, starting with a Monday, 4/11/49 ad, on page six, for Camel Cigarettes (With smokers who know...it's Camels for mildness...Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels). Next are two more ads, in the Peach Section, for Coca-Cola, a Monday, 4/11/49 ad (Where There's Coca-Cola...There's Hospitality) and a Monday, 4/25/49 ad (Refreshing To You, Kind To The Purse). There's also a Tuesday, 4/12/49 ad for "Sensational TV news!" from Crosely All Channel Television plus FM radio. Next is a Wednesday, 4/13/49 ad, for Television Rental Co. (First in Toledo! You can now rent a television set by Tele-Tone), followed by a Sunday, 4/24/49 full-page ad, for Toledo Edison (Today...at Acme Station we are holding "OPEN HOUSE" for all the Edison Family). Today's last two ads are a Thursday, 4/28/49 half-page ad, on page 10, for SOHIO (Sad Story of the man with the Leaky Roof...), and a Friday, 4/29/49 full-page ad for RCA Victor's 16" television receivers. Back in those days this was considered a "large" TV.


More (May) 1949 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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