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December 21, 2014: The Happiest Kid on the Block


There are sixteen more ads today, including fourteen additions to the Holiday Season Ads gallery, starting with a Sunday, 12/17/95 ad for the U.S. Postal Service (Attention Procrastinators). Next is 12/17/95 full-page ad for Jamie Farr Kroger Classic tickets (A great Stocking Stuffer), followed by a Thursday, 12/21/95 ad for "A Christmas Reunion" on A&E, and a Saturday, 12/23/95 ad for World of Nature, "The Tale of the Arctic Fox," another "Holiday Specials on TV5" ad. There's also a Sunday, 12/24/95 full-page ad (Merry Christmas from the Staff and Management of The Blade) and a Monday, 12/25/95 half-page ad (Sunoco MidAmerica Marketing & Refining Wishes You Safe and Happy Holidays). You'll also find a Tuesday, 12/26/95 ad for BET's celebration of Kwanzaa, and a Wednesday, 12/27/95 ad for First Night Toledo 1996 (Celebrate! New Year's Eve Downtown). Next is the Sunday, 12/31/95 TV Week cover (New Year's Rockin' Eve '96 with Dick Clark), followed by a full-page ad from that same TV Week, a CableSystem Corner ad for New Year's programming, for the Disney Channel's New Year's Day Animation Celebration, the Sci Fi Channel's Twilight Zone Marathon, and the USA Pictures Megamovie Marathon. There are also four ads from 1951 and 1952. At that time. Toledo TV viewers only had one local channel, WSPD-TV 13, and three Detroit channels, 2, 4, and 7 to choose from. Cleveland also had three channels, 4, 5 and 9. There were many ads for this relatively new gadget called television in The Blade including these, a Monday, 12/4/50 full-page ad (Tha Happiest Kid on the Block...will he be yours this Christmas?), a Wednesday, 12/8/50 ad for GE's Black-Daylite Televisions (for this Christmas and many more), and a Wednesday, 12/13/50 ad for Olympic TVs at Grinnell's (Be a Wonderful Santa!). There's also a Sunday, 12/2/51 Christmas ad for Tiedtke's, and one more 12/2/51 ad, a full-page ad for RCA Victor televisions (At Last! Perfect Pictures from all 3 Detroit TV Stations...). Although I'm sure these TVs with the built-in "Electronic Supercharger" were being advertised as Chrsitmas gifts for the family, there was no mention of the holiday season in this ad so I added this one to the Other Vintage ads gallery. And the last of this year's 133 holiday ads is an addition to the Football Bowl Game Ads gallery, a Monday, 1/1/96 ad for The Outback Bowl on ESPN. By the way, Penn State beat Auburn 43-14. June 1996 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade are on the way...but they won't be here until next Sunday (December 28). Happy holidays to all!


December 18, 2014: Holiday Specials


You'll find twelve more additions to the Holiday Season Ads gallery today, from November and December 1995., starting with two for USA. There's a Friday, 11/24/95 half-page ad (USA Network Holiday Specials), and a Friday, 12/1/95 ad for the Natalie Cole movie "Lily in Winter." Next is another 12/1/95 ad, for Collingwood Presbyterian Church (This Christmas, take your family window-shopping), followed by a Sunday, 12/3/95 Blade TV Week story, "Charlie Brown Tops List of Animated Christmas Specials," and a 12/3/95 TV Week ad for TV5's Movie Picks of the Week, "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas," "Nutcracker: The Motion Picture," and "White Christmas." There's also a Monday, 12/4/95 ad for the movie "Ebbie" on Lifetime, a Friday, 12/8/95 ad for "Snoopy, Come Home" on TV5, and a Saturday, 12/9/95 ad for four holiday specials on TV5, Doug's Christmas Story, Rugrats Christmas, Rocko's Christmas, and Christmas in Tattertown. Next is a Sunday, 12/10/95 full-page ad for Pepsi soft drinks, with Santa, followed by a Sunday, 12/10/95 TV Week ad for TV5's Movie Picks of the Week, "White Christmas," "Babes in Toyland," and "Nutcracker: the Motion Picture." And there's a Monday, 12/11/95 ad for The Smurfs Christmas Special on Cartoon Network, followed by today's last ad, a Wednesday, 12/13/95 ad for the WB special, A Pinky & the Brain Christmas on ToledoVision 5. More December 1995 ads and one January 1996 ad, plus bonus early 1950s holiday ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade are on the way...


December 16, 2014: With Wishes for a Bright and Happy Holiday Season


Today you'll find twelve more additions to the Holiday Season Ads gallery, from December 1994 and November 1995. The first two are for holiday movies, a Sunday, 12/4/94 ad for "March of the Wooden Soldiers" (Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy) and a Friday, 12/9/94 ad for "White Christmas" (Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye), both on ToledoVision 5. Next is a Saturday, 12/10/94 ad for How the Grinch Stole Christmas on TBS, followed by two more for TV5, a Saturday, 12/10/94 ad for four animated specials, Doug's Christmas Story, Rugrats Christmas, Rocko's Christmas, and Christmas in Tattertown, and a Wednesday, 12/14/94 ad for The Flintstones Christmas Carol. There's a Saturday, 12/24/94 full-page ad (Season's Greetings from the management and staff of The Blade), followed by two more TV5 ads, a Saturday, 12/24/94 ad for four more animated specials, Deck the Halls, Alein's First Christmas, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, and Up on the House Top, and a Saturday, 12/24/94 ad for the encore showing of "March of the Wooded Soldiers" and also for "Sesame Street Live presents Let's Be Friends" at the Toledo Sports Arena. Next is a Sunday, 12/25/94 full-page color TV Week ad (with wishes for a bright and happy holiday season...The CableSystem). You'll also find a Saturday, 12/31/94 ad for TNN's New Year's Eve specials, Wildhorse Saloon New Year's Eve '94 and New Year's Eve at Sea World (Tim McGraw, Little Texas). And there's a Sunday, 11/19/95 full-page ad for the Food Town Holiday Parade, followed by a Wednesday, 11/22/95 Blade story by Clyde Hughes, "4-1/2 Ton Block of Cheddar to Star in Downtown's Holiday Parade." Marcy Kaptur was the parade's grand marshal along with celebrity grand marshals Drew Carey and Jon Paul Steuer of Grace Under Fire. The parade was show on Channel 13. More November and December 1995 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade are on the way...


December 14, 2014 (part two) R.I.P. Bill Bonds (1933-2014)


More Bill Bonds ads can be found in the Channel 7 News gallery and the News - Special Reports Gallery.


December 14, 2014: Have Fun on First Night!


There are fifteen more ads today, from December 1993 and November & December 1994, including fourteen additions to the Holiday Season Ads gallery. The first is one of two more TV5 "12 Days of Christmas" ads, a Friday, 12/17/93 ad (Win a Citizen Watch from JCPenney). Next is another 12/17/93 ad, for Mountain Jacks (Happy Holidays...Open Christmas Day), followed by a Saturday, 12/18/93 ad for the animated Santa Claus is Coming to Town on TV5. There's another 12/18/83 ad, for Madeline's Christmas, also on TV5, and the other "12 Days of Christmas" ad, a Tuesday, 12/21/93 ad (Win Boston Acoustics speakers from Paragon Sound). There's also a Friday, 12/24/93 full-page ad (Season's Greetings from the staff and management of The Blade), another 12/24/93 ad for the TV5 movie "Scrooge" and one more 12/24/93 ad, for A Branson Family Christmas on the Family Channel. Next are two Thursday, 12/30/93 "First Night Toledo" ads, a MidAm Bank ad (Come Join us for The New Years Eve Celebration!) and a CableSystem ad (Have fun on First Night!). There's one more 12/30/93 ad, for The Miss Howard Stern New Year's Eve Pageant on Impulse pay-per-view. There are three 1994 ads, a Saturday, 11/26/94 ad for Holiday Festival on Ice (Kristi Yamaguchi) on TV5, a Saturday, 12/3/94 ad for "Babar, the Movie" and Babar and Father Christmas, also on TV5, and another 12/3/94 ad for "Miracle on 34th Street" (Sebastian Cabot) on USA. Today's last ad is an addition to the Football Bowl Game Ads gallery, a Tuesday, 12/28/93 ad for ESPN's Thrifty Car Rental Bowl Week. ESPN's bowl games included the Liberty Bowl, the Weiser Lock Copper Bowl, the Thrifty Car Rental Holiday Bowl, the Poulan/Weed Eater Independence Bowl, the Alamo Bowl, and the Hall of Fame Bowl. More December 1994 ads and November 1995 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade are on the way...