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August 20, 2017: Chevrolet on Broadway

There are six more ads today, from February 1949 editions of The Blade, plus two Random Pages gallery additions, from Peach Sections of The Blade. Both are TV listings. The first one has Wednesday, 2/3/49 listings, for Channel 13 in Toledo and Channels 4 and 7 in Detroit. The second one has Monday, 2/28/49 listings for the channels above and also for Detroit's Channel 2. There's one addition to the Channel 13 gallery, a Monday, 2/7/49 ad, in the Peach Section, for "Trapeze" on Chevrolet on Broadway, featuring Luise Rainer, Charles Korvin, and Tod Andrews. There are two additions to the Radio Station Ads gallery, both for shows on WSPD-AM. The first one is a Thursday, 2/17/49 ad for Screen Guild Players Dana Andrews, Jean Peters, and Dean Stockwell in "Deep Waters." The second one is a Friday, 2/18/49 ad for "Comedy Night," featuring Jimmy Durante and Alan Young, Eddie Cantor with George Burns & Gracie Allen, and Red Skelton ("Tonight, Laugh for an hour-and-a-half!"). The remaining three ads are additions to the Other Vintage ads gallery, starting with a Monday, 2/28/49 ad for Packard. Seven northwest Ohio dealers were listed on the bottom of the ad. Next is another 2/28/49 ad, for Coca-Cola ("Whoever You Are, Whatever You Do"). Today's last ad is one more 2/28/49 ad, for Gibson Greeting Cards ("Smiles are fun for everyone!").


More March 1949 ads, from the online archives of The Toledo Blade, are on the way...

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